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Multibeam Side Scan Sonar

Shark-S455M Multi-beam Side Scan Sonar

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    Shark-S455M multi-beam side scan sonar has two modes of use, low speed and high speed, which can be chosen by users according to their needs. In low speed mode, single beam dual-frequency side scan can be processed, and in high speed mode, the sonar simultaneously generates five sonar beams on each side of a towfish.

    Different from the single-beam side scan sonar, the system adopts advanced dynamic focusing techniques to greatly improve the along-track resolution at high tow speeds. The adoption of multi-beam technology can greatly improve the efficiency of surveying and mapping. The perfect combination of the two technologies can achieve high speed and high resolution.

    A strong stainless steel tow fish, a high strength Kevlar cable, a waterproof deck unit and the OTech software are included in the sonar system. The system was designed with ultra-low power consumption and can be powered with both AC and DC power.

    OTech software is equipped with the function of sonar image display, navigation, data recording & replay,target management & output and sensor information multi-window display. It can output the data with standard XTF format which can be processed with the third party processing software, and also can be customized according to the requirements.

    • Dynamic focusing,enhanced resolution
    • Broadband CHIRP technology
    • High speed mode and low speed mode
    • High-speed, high-resolution coverage
    • Build-in sounding module
    • OTech acquisition software

    Sonar Specifications



    High Speed:450kHz, Low Speed:100/450kHz ,    Dual Simultaneous

    Pulse Type


    Maximum Range

    600m @ 100kHz;180m @ 450kHz

    Beam Width

    Horizontal:0.56°@ 100kHz, 0.14° @ 450kHz; Vertical:50°


    Along Track:0.002h @450kHz, 0.01h @100kHz;Across Track:1.25cm

    Depression Angle

    Tilted Down 10°,15°,20°,Default15°

    Maximum Depth Rating

    2000m  (316 Stainless Steel)

    Standard Towfish Sensors


    Towfish Size/Weight (air)

    1883mm*130mm (Length*Diameter ) / 45kg

    Deck Unit Size /Weight

    170mm*120mm*70mm /0.8kg

    Power Consumption

    110/220VAC , 50W

    Software OTech

    Windows,NMEA 0183 Navigation Data Input;

    OTSS、XTF Output Data Format

    Tow Cable

    Kevlar,Standard Length: 50m(Optional);

    • Mine CounterMeasures (MCM)

    • HydrographicSurveys

    • Port andharbor security

    • GeophysicalSurveys

    • Cable andPipeline Surveys

    • Dredging Surveys

    • Pier/HarborWall Inspections

    • AUV/ROV Integration